This website was a small experiment, where each visit to the page deteriorated the main image. Every 400 visitors a reset button would appear on the bottom, which could be used to restore the image back to its original quality.

You could see this website as a metaphor for the effects of tourism, how humanity affects nature, or how meme quality degrades over time as they are shared.

I've since had to put the website into static mode, since the running costs quickly became too high.


I coded a snapshot mechanism to the backend, which saved the current state of the website every 30 seconds. You can see a timelapse of the first 11 days of the website's state here:

P.S. If you choose to post a website/project that you made to Reddit or a similar high-traffic website, you have to be really sure that your wallet can handle it.
Especially if you deploy anything serverlessly! (speaking from experience 🙂)

The source code for the website is available on GitHub.